Romania – Facts Sheet

Romania has a population of 19.186.000 inhabitants (as of 2012 general census), very friendly, almost all of us speaking English.

The total area is 238,391 km², out of which 23,700 km² represent lots of beautiful landscapes, perfect for your productions.

Romania is a member of the European Union and the United Nations.

The capital is Bucharest – with a population of 1,883,425 (2012) people, you will see them all in the rush hours.

The currency of Romania is Romanian LEU (plural LEI), but we’re wide open working with EUR / USD also.

Time zone: UTC+2, we wake up 7 hours earlier than New York.

The climate is temperate and continental, with four distinct seasons. Yes, we (still) have them all!

Ethnic groups: 89% Romanian, 7% Hungarian, 3% Roma, 1% other minorities in an almost perfect communion.

Religions: 87% Christian Orthodox , 5% Roman Catholic, 5% Reformed, 3% other.

Telecommunications and Internet services: these services include national coverage for landline and mobile phones with very good Internet connection speed. 4G technologies are available in all major cities. The major cities are covered with free Wi-Fi access in the major points of interests. The most popular mobile operators available in Romania are Vodafone, Orange and Telekom. Recently, Romania has been ranked as one of the best countries in the world in terms of communication infrastructure. And some of it is free of charge!

Emergency phone number: 112, same as in the Europe Union.

Infrastructure, complex, on earth, air or water  :


Bucharest – Henri Coandã and Aurel Vlaicu, Constanta – Mihail Kogalniceanu, Timisoara – Traian Vuia, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Craiova, Arad, Bacau, Baia Mare, Oradea, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Targu Mures, Suceava and Tulcea.


Constanta, Mangalia, Sulina, Galati, Braila, Giurgiu – on the Black Sea or Danube River.


over 14,500 national roads, including highways, and over 58,000 country roads. Yes, some highways available too…

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