Romania’s few unknown 8 worldwide unique landscapes

Meledic Lake (The Bottomless Lake)

Worldwide unique, the sweet water Meledic Lake spreads over almost 2.5 acres, despite laying on top of a salt massive. Beneath the lake there is the “Six Goats” cave.

Topolnita Cave

17th large worldwide, this cave is to be found about 30km from Drobeta Turnu Severin. Cave was built by Topolnita river together with Gaurinti and Ponorat springs. The cave hosts unique spectacular karst, among which is the “Candle Forest” and “Crystal Lake”.

Podul lui Dumnezeu (Bridge of God)

Appeared after the ceiling downfall of the Ponoarele Cave, it is the only worldwide natural bridge open for circulation.

Natural Park “Portile de Fier” (Iron Gates Natural Park)

Is considered a genuine open-air geological museum, the scientific heritage being unique in the world. Here is the Natural Reserves Cazanele Mari and Cazanele Mici.

Rimetea Village

Proposed to be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Because the steep slopes surround the village, they give the impression that here the sun rises twice a day, as locals say.

Accumulation Lake Vida

Located near the Luncasprie biosphere village, is called the “emerald paradise”. In the middle of the lake there is a spectacular “whirlwind” that is, in fact, a funnel-type funnel, unique in the world, built to drain water when it’s raining.

The Closani Cave

Declared a monument of nature since 61 years ago, is located in the village of Cloşani, Gorj. It was considered at that time the most important national speleological discovery, over the years Romanian geo-speologists demonstrating that there are unique forms of concretion even for world speleology.

Lacul Albastru (The Blue Lake)

Located at the foot of the Gutâi Mountains, a few kilometers from Baia Sprie, in Maramureş County, is unique in the world, changing its color according to the season and the sunlight. In spring, the lake has the colors blue and dark blue. In summer, it turns dark green, and more, sometimes it has emerald reflections. Autumn, Blue Lake becomes dark green and sometimes even brown.

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