Romania – best investment destination in the region

AmCham Romania presented the results of the annual survey on the quality of the investment and business climate. The 6th edition highlights the optimism of AmCham members and their confidence in Romania's economic potential, confirmed by consistent investment intentions over the next 12 months and expansion plans for the next three years.

About Romanian/Schengen Visa

General official information from Romanian Foreign Affairs: The usual procedure for obtaining a Romanian visa lasts between 45 and 180 days. It is a bureaucratic procedure that involves numerous documents, notices and related approvals. There is no emergency procedure.…

Latest Filming Romania News

Yes, they all are filmed in Romania: Patrick Friesacher explored the highest road in Romania at the wheel of the RB7 single-seater as he went through some local challenges and took on Toma Coconea. Derry Girls stars Saoirse-Monica Jackson and…

What do you need to run a hybrid event?

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid meetings are meetings that combine an event’s live and digital components. 

Before, we used to look at the multilingual hybrid events from a remote participants' point of view only. Thus, we said that we could have a virtual audience and in-person attendees in such meetings, while virtual events only have remote participants.